Luceplan lights the new Eataly in Rome
Luceplan is proud to be part of the largest Eataly in the world, a new temple of Italian cuisine and gastronomical specialties, slated to open in Rome on 21 June.
The lighting project, developed in collaboration with Philips Italia, combines energy savings, functional quality, high-efficiency solutions and great design to respond to the specific needs of the largest facility devoted to the quality of Italian food.

Restaurants, educational-emotional areas, shops and conference rooms are lit by the icons of Luceplan – Hope, Costanza, Archetype, Pétale, Mini mini, Bap LED, Titania – bringing out the role of light as an essential part of the identity of the complex, and conserving the same level of quality between the culinary offerings and the visual impact of the space.

Eataly Rome
piazzale XII Ottobre 1942

Luceplan lights the new Eataly in Rome
Luceplan lights the new Eataly in Rome
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