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Designers Meda, Alberto
Rizzatto, Paolo | 1989

Rightfully known as a “contemporary classic” of Italian design, the Lola lamp has a paradigmatic role as a forerunner of the research conducted on the theme of dematerialization in the world of lighting. The use of ultralight, solid and durable materials, the characteristic forked design of the upper segment

The lightness of the shape and materials, allows this lamp to be moved freely and handily. The intense and functional halogen light may be adjusted in height by means of the telescopic stem.

Not available in USA.


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Product data sheet 220V - 240V


Materials Rynite head. Microperforated metal reflector. Anti UV Pyrex protection glass. Aluminium telescopic stem. Foot dimmer. Diecast zama tripod.
Alu, Black
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Versions Indoor
Data Sheet
Light bulb
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