Luceplan was set up with the object of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to enhance the quality of living. Energy saving is therefore a top priority and cannot be confined to the ratio of lighting to energy consumption: it must embrace the environmental compatibility of our whole operation – from choice of materials to the manufacturing process, from product durability to product maintenance.If an object is to last, it needs to be beautiful as well as technologically sound. But a long-lasting product also offers better environmental compatibility and it outlives fashions.
Fortebraccio- Rizzatto & Meda
We believe in
  1. Attention to details
    If its necessary spare parts, maintenance and cleaning are foreseen, a product will have a longer life expectancy.
  2. Designing the life cycle
    To design beyond the birth of a product and to envisage even the exhaustion of its purpose and its disassembling; to design its recycling or reuse, and to innovate its packaging
  3. Respecting the environment
    Not use pollutant paints and processes, will all combine to reduce its impact on the environment.
  4. In R&D
    That is why research is an integral part of our business.
The future
To understand how consumer patterns and industrial production change, how fresh energy resources and new forms of optimisation and saving are developed, how different forms of distribution are established; how new answers to the demand for lighting will alter the ìhome speciesî and the ìcity speciesî: the way of "being with light".
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