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Pétale in the RGB-DMX version is equipped with a highefficiency dual LED light strip. The central LED module generates diffused, comfortable white light with a color temperature of 3000K and high lumen output. The second RGB and tunable white source is positioned on the outer profile and lights the perimeter of the body, spreading with a gradient towards the center of the lamp. Thanks to the mix of RGB and white LEDs at different color temperatures, it is possible to obtain remarkable color variation and different tones of white light, from 2400 to 6000K. Both sources are adjustable in terms of brightness and can be programmed via a DMX 512 RDM signal that permits formulation of different lighting scenarios. A DMX generator with personalized wall mounted touch interface attached to the wall is also available as an accessory able to simultaneously control up to 32 lamps.

Design Studio Odile Decq, 2016

For Americas only

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