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Luceplan in the Garden of Wonders for Lightlab Event 2019

In line with the theme selected for the 8th edition of the Lightlab event in Brussels – Urban Jungle – Luceplan takes its cue from the age-old charm of the Meise Botanic Garden to present its lamps in a poetic, evocative setting. Strolling through the “Luceplan Garden of Wonders” one comes across a series of iconic products of the company such as Mesh, Costanza and Hope, all the way to the latest suspension Illan and the new outdoor lighting Fienile. The itinerary reveals the beauty of the lamps and Luceplan’s constant focus on human beings and their psychophysical wellbeing.

Urban Jungle

Meise Botanic garden

Nieuwelaan 38

1860 Meise – Bruxelles

9 and 10 October 2019