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LUCEPLAN: two “Best of” prizes at Design Plus Powered by Light + Building 2020

A few weeks prior to the opening of the fair Light + Building, held in Frankfurt from 8 to 13 March, Luceplan has been assigned two “Best of” awards in the Design Plus: in the decorative lighting category with the Illan suspension lamp by Zsuzsanna Horvath, and in the acoustic solutions section – where Luceplan has been a pioneer since 2010, offering a unique range of products – with Trypta by Stephen Burks.

An important honor that reflects the technological know-how and constant drive towards innovation in cutting-edge lighting solutions of the Luceplan brand, as well as its refined research on form and design culture in general.

The competition includes participation by 126 companies for a total of 177 products.

The Design Plus Powered by Light + Building 2020 is presented by Messe Frankfurt and organized by the German Design Council.

34 received the Design Plus prize with the Light + Building 2020 label, and just 5 were acclaimed as “Best of.” Luceplan is proud to have won two of these five exclusive awards.

TRYPTA by Stephen Burks | acoustic comfort

Created with the aim of improving acoustic comfort in spaces, for the people who use them, Trypta has a central cylindrical body around which to position three acoustic panels covered in flame-retardant knit fabric. Thanks to two light sources positioned at the ends of the central axis, this suspension lamp provides both direct and indirect lighting. With its geometric appeal ready for interpretation in multiple compositions, colors and sizes, Trypta triggers a sculptural dialogue with the surrounding space, guaranteeing high levels of sound-absorbing performance.

ILLAN by Zsuzsanna Horvath | decorative

The decorative mission of the lamp is emphasized by the original choice of materials: in its ethereal design, Illan is composed of a very light body made with laser-cut plywood with equidistant lines, suspended from the ceiling. The lamp – available in various sizes up to one meter in diameter – takes on volume by means of gravity, assuming its characteristic form that floats in the air. Inside, an LED source generates very comfortable, relaxing diffused light.