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A “Luminous Library” for the Luceplan showroom


A “Luminous Library” for the Luceplan showroom

Located in the very central “light district” of Milan, the Luceplan showroom in Corso Monforte 7 has recently been renovated by the studio Migliore +Servetto Architects, with an installation that focuses on the design and lighting quality of the products on display, which become the sole protagonists of the setting. The new lamps are seen in the streetfront windows, while inside the store visitors find a “path of light” amidst classic models and recent creations, giving rise to striking situations, like frames crystallized by the action of light. Designed as a large “Luminous Library,” the Luceplan store is an open, fluid space that establishes a direct relationship, through the windows, with Corso Monforte. A tool to explore the full range of the items in the catalogue and their various versions. A window for deeper investigation that takes visitors inside the many memorable international projects that feature products by Luceplan.