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Luceplan launches the Stochastic chandelier by Daniel Rybakken


Luceplan launches the Stochastic chandelier by Daniel Rybakken

Luceplan is proud to announce the official launch of the Stochastic chandelier by Daniel Rybakken on the Italian and European market.
Stochastic will be available at selected dealers with a coordinated visual and brand identity project developed for the occasion by Luceplan in collaboration with the designer.

A suspension lamp with an evocative character which takes on a theatrical, poetic character: not just functional quality, but also aesthetic and decorative refinement.
Composed of glass spheres at different heights, the lamp permits infinite combinations, in a sort of “controlled freedom”: each sphere is connected to steel rods of different lengths, which are attached to the ceiling in a creative way, giving rise to always different light clusters.
Hence the name Stochastic, indicating a random process, in reference to the different possibilities for combining the spheres in unexpected ways, each time leading to a different lamp, a one-of-a-kind creation.
A game of imagination whose light source – a double high-efficiency LED module – is enclosed inside the spheres, generating warm, diffused indirect lighting, aimed both upward and downward.