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Luceplan wins the Red Dot “Best of the Best ” 2016 with the Mesh lamp by Francisco Gomez Paz


Luceplan wins the Red Dot “Best of the Best ” 2016 with the Mesh lamp by Francisco Gomez Paz

The innovative Mesh lamp by Luceplan, created by the Argentine designer Francisco Gomez Paz, has been assigned the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best ” 2016, thanks to its avant-garde design and outst anding technological, aest hetic and formal innovation that make it a totally unique product.

Founded in 1954, the Red Dot Award is one of the world’s most important design prizes, awarded not only for the aest hetic and formal aspects of products, but also for their manufact uring quality. The jury of 40 international experts examined thousands of product s from over 50 countries, assigning this coveted seal of quality to those with the most exceptional design.

Stemming from experimentation on the potential of LEDs, a technology that permits fragmentation in very small units, Mesh by Francisco Gomez Paz is a dramatic and highly innovative project that permits diff erent lighting scenarios that can be personalized for various aest hetic and funct ional needs, thanks to control and regulation of luminance. The light, almost transp arent st ruct ure composed of a network of metal cables with LED sources positioned at their intersect ions conceals the complexity of the product , dematerializing to leave only the light, the true protagonist of the lamp. A poetic creation of st rong impact that offers the possibility of creating refi ned, evocative atmosp heres. The particular struct ure of the lamp off ers exceptional freedom in the adjust ment of brightness: it is possible to control the intensity of the light, and to choose which sect ors to utilize – an upper ring, the lower zone, the center or a lateral segment – for maximum light fl ow of 8000 lumens.

This prize for Mesh is yet another confirmation of the leading role played by Luceplan in the sector of design lighting Made in Italy, thanks to a constant and increasing focus on aesthetic and formal research, technological and functional innovation, and an impeccable level of quality. Widely recognized characteristics, as proven by the many prizes and honors gained by the company over the years, now joined by this new, authoritative award: a stimulus to continue on a path of continuous evolution, driven by constant improvement and the main principles of the company’s history – experimentation, research and quality.

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