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A lamp like a sculpture: Garbí


A lamp like a sculpture: Garbí

“I have designed Garbí as if it were a sculpture, removing material from an initial rough volume, and carefully observing how the light slides on the surfaces and emphasizes the edges,” says Dolcini, who took his cue from the refl ections of sunlight on architecture in Valencia. “Then I tried to transmit, in Garbí, that sensation of balance, vitality and force, in a much smaller object made to light architectural interiors all over the world.”

To enhance the already large collection of decorative lamps for the home, Luceplan presents Garbí, an applique created by David Dolcini that seems to take form from the wall itself, in a single solid volume of soft, regular surfaces that meet to create precise edges that become striking graphic signs.

When the lamp is turned on, the light of the LED rebounds on the wall, creating a vivid contrast, and then slides inside the opening, illuminating it and delicately forming an arch on the wall.

Available in two fi nishes – aluminium with matte white powder coating in an embossed effect, or with external fi nish in metallized aluminium – Garbí is a lamp conceived to also function when it is off, because ambient light brings out the solid presence of its gently shaped form.