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Koinè Floor,

Designed by Mandalaki Studio

Millimetro, design Daniel Rybakken

Illan, design Zsuzsanna Horvath

Lita, design David Dolcini

Malamata, design Shulab Studio

Millimetro, design Daniel Rybakken

Doi, design Meneghello Paolelli

Flia, design Alessandro Zambelli

Pétale, design Studio Odile Decq

Mesh, design Francisco Gomez Paz

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Location Paris, Clichy-Batignolles, France
Designer Studio Odile Decq
Pétale Discover more

Pétale Suspension,

Designed by Studio Odile Decq
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We offer professionals our experience and a lighting and acoustic design service, providing solutions to suit the complexities of the projects.

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A chandelier of great emotional impact, based on the creative intuition of the designer, together with the research on materials, technology and design conducted by Luceplan.  A new protagonist for living areas in the home, but also for contract applications. The size is impressive, yet the overall image is ethereal, like an organism floating in space.

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Levante Suspension,

Designed by Marco Spatti
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