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Luceplan at Design District 2017

On the occasion of Design District 2017, the important meeting point for the interior industry in the Netherlands, Luceplan will be presenting in collaboration with Eikelenboom, the acoustic collections Diade, Pétale and Silenzio at Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam from June 7 to 9.

In shared spaces – for work, study, dining, leisure – noise pollution caused by unwelcome or irritating sounds can have a negative impact on human psychological wellbeing. Lighting conditions also influence our mood and health, playing a fundamental role in the creation of a space suited to various needs. To supply proper lighting and greater acoustic control at the same time makes it possible to generate a comfortable environment, contributing to boost wellbeing and productivity.

The Diade, Pétale and Silenzio collections by Luceplan, born from the established collaboration with renowned architects, are all-in-one solutions providing the best lighting output combined with high levels of acoustic comfort for public spaces.

Design District ‘17
7-8-9 June
Van Nelle Fabriek
Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam