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Location Zürich, Switzerland
Designer Ernst von Petersdorff + Partner AG
Date 2021
Photo credits Peter Würmli

Following its growth in Switzerland, Horváth & Partners – one of Germany’s ten largest national consulting firms – recently decided to move to “The Circle”, a futuristic office building near Zurich airport.
The Ernst, von Petersdorff + Partner AG studio was involved in the interior design, which strongly focused on the value of acoustic and visual comfort in the design of spaces. For this reason Luceplan was selected as a lighting partner, thanks to its proven experience in providing ideal acoustic solutions for this type of interior.
The Silenzio suspension lamps by Monica Armani were chosen for the project, positioned both in the open space areas and in the meeting rooms. The suspensions, set up in large numbers, act as a real false ceiling, creating a diffused and homogeneous acoustic comfort.