Sedus Smart Office

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Location Dogern, Germany
Date 2019
Photo credits courtesy Sedus Stoll AG

In the Sedus Smart Office in Dogern, the Silenzio suspensions enhance the quality of light and the acoustic comfort of the spaces, matching harmoniously with the interior design and furnishings.

The “Sedus Smart Office” at the company headquarters in Dogern is a new workspace model with which Sedus demonstrates the novel forms of office work, and how interdisciplinary teamwork can function through alternative shaping of spaces.

A key role in the project brief was played by considerations of lighting and acoustic comfort.

Luceplan has been selected by Sedus as a technical lighting partner not only for its proven experience in the creation of “all-in-one” solutions capable of providing correct lighting, but also for its ability to develop a project that combines image aspects with indispensable factors of acoustic comfort in all the workspaces, especially with an eye on sharing which is a central tenet of the entire interior design.

The protagonist of the project is the Silenzio suspension lamp by Monica Armani.

Silenzio is made with a series of acoustic materials combined with high-quality external fabric, creating an object of sophisticated yet simple design with outstanding sound-absorbing properties.