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Location Paris, Clichy-Batignolles, France
Designer Studio Odile Decq
Date 2019
Photo credits Roland Halbe

Luceplan is the technical lighting partner for the Twist project by Studio Odile Decq in Paris. The protagonists are the Pétale acoustic suspension lamps, applied as a crucial feature of the building’s architectural design.
The TWIST project, entirely by the architect and designer Odile Decq, is “an office space designed as a landscape,” in the architect’s own words. In the building, undreds Pétale lamps – designed by Odile Decq for Luceplan – have been installed, contributing to make this a truly innovative architectural design, not just from the outside, but above all as it is experienced from the inside. Pétale has an organic form that conceals the magic of silence inside: the body of the lamp, covered in white fabric, is composed of a sound-absorbing panel that improves acoustic comfort inside spaces.