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Flia wins the Red Dot award

April 5, 2022

Luceplan wins the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award with the Flia family of lamps designed by Alessandro Zambelli

The coveted “Best of the Best” of the Red Dot Design Award has been assigned to the Flia family of lamps designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Luceplan, a compendium of advanced research on materials, technologies and forms, offering great versatility in both indoor and outdoor applications. A nomadic, flexible smart product, responding to new design trends to satisfy various functional needs.

Alessandro Zambelli commented: “The fulfilment of a designer’s work can only happen in collaboration with counterparts who are able to grasp his thinking, improving and transforming ideas into something unique in the contemporary context. During the development of the Flia project, a symbiosis took form with Luceplan that has filled me with joy and inspiration. This award is satisfying because it is linked to a project in which we believe strongly, the result of teamwork that is a source of particular pride for all of us.”

Patrizia Vicenzi, CEO of Luceplan, adds: “The Flia family of lamps stems from the positive interaction between Alessandro Zambelli and Luceplan. The project, in its idea and its design, has immediately revealed its forceful character. A light, elegant lamp, poetic, with perfectly balanced parts and geometric shaping reduced to an ideal minimum. The main task (and challenge) in the industrialization of Flia was to preserve the essence of the project, its rigorous form, relying on all types of technological/productive expertise. A project based on interaction between the designer and the company, offering excellent prospects for future expansion of the family.”